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"Agro-Danmis" Gramowscy General Partnership is a Polish limited company which buys, process end distributes goat, diary products. We buy milk from farms where the animals are kept under strict control. Our location and natural way of breeding and feeding our goats, makes our product unique for taste and health aspects. Our herd in Bukowiec is the biggest in Poland. We keep more than 1200 diary goats. The most common breeds in the herd are: Sannen; Alpay; Polish White Noble and Polish Colored Noble. We started breeding them in 1993 when we bought the farm together with a basic herd of 100 head.

In June 2006, with financial help from the SAPARD program (Support Assistance Program for Agricultural and Rural Development available to Polish farmers prior to accession to the EU) we build a brand new dairy plant where we now produce all our current dairy products.

From July 2007 Company Agro-Danmis have HACCP and BRC certificate. Our products are marked by sign "Polish Good Food" awarded by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

We have developed a range of products mainly for people who suffer from protein intolerance. For these people, goat’s milk is a natural source of many of the vitamins essential for propel development and acts as an alternative to cow’s milk. The number of people who goat’s diary products are source of vitamins and base of healthy diet is increasing each year.


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