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The main purpose for the “Agro-Danmis” team in Bukowiec is to achieve and maintain a very quality in our goat’s products. All our attention is focused on constantly improving the high quality of the products and placing the particular emphasis on the health and safety issues. We have introduced a food safety management system which is based on HACCP or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point methodology.

Key factors in our operation to ensure health and safety are:

  • Using only raw materials, supplements and packaging which fulfill all the quality requirements for health and safety.
  • Ensuring our staff gain systematic qualifications and improve awareness of our Quality Policy, good production practice and the rules in HACCP system.
  • Engaging all staff in quality production by ensuring that our dairy products are both safe and satisfying for the customers.
  • Constantly aiming to enhance the quality of the products by improving methods and critical control points.

To ensure that food safety risks are minimized, quality is constantly improved and customers always satisfied. The dairy plant in Bukowiec adheres strictly to the dangers analysis and critical control point of the HACCP system. All the dairy stuff understand the policy of HACCP system and are aware of their responsibility for the system as well as for the high quality of our dairy products.


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